Another great book on the reality of “Darood Shareef” درود شر یف

Must read it and please as I always said, let others know about it, download it and email it to as many people as you know …

Click here to read the book (pdf format):

Darood Shareef – Part 1 of 2

Darood Shareef – Part 2 of 2

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I am intentionally repeating this post :

I was reading this article the other day and found it very important and an eye opening for all of us. Please ignore the alignment of text (i’ve tried my best to scan it straight :-))

I’ll soon InshahAllah translate it in English for non-Urdu readers.

– Syed

Sangsar (in a pdf format)

Stoning to Death

A really good URDU booklet about how should we read Quran and what rules we should have in our minds, please read it carefully and pass it to others.

Understanding Quran 1 of 4

Understanding Quran 2 of 4

Understanding Quran 3 of 4

Understanding Quran 4 of 4


– Shez

This is what I believe in, that anything against Quran can not be said my Prophet Mohammad. The proof can also be found in the books of “Riwayyats”.




I’ve always had this question in my mind that how come Mossa (PBUH) kill an innocent? As it’s in Quran:

[19:51] And make mention in this Book, of Moses. Verily, he was sincerely devoted and a Prophet bearing Our Message.

If Allah says that he was a devoted prophet then why would he kill without any reason? I found the following article in Sooth-Ul-Haq, its very interesting, not sure if it has totally convinced me but it defiantly has cleared few question that I had in my mind… Please have a read (again, its in URDU, sorry for English reader)

Click here to read it (PDF format): Mossa


August 15, 2006

I found this little article in “Monthly Soot-ul-Haq” magazine, and with Mr Husain’s (editor) permission, I am posting it and InshahAllah will be uploading heaps more.

Click on the following links to read it:

Istikhara 1/2


Istikhara 2/2