Another great book on the reality of “Darood Shareef” درود شر یف

Must read it and please as I always said, let others know about it, download it and email it to as many people as you know …

Click here to read the book (pdf format):

Darood Shareef – Part 1 of 2

Darood Shareef – Part 2 of 2

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A really good URDU booklet about how should we read Quran and what rules we should have in our minds, please read it carefully and pass it to others.

Understanding Quran 1 of 4

Understanding Quran 2 of 4

Understanding Quran 3 of 4

Understanding Quran 4 of 4


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August 15, 2006

I found this little article in “Monthly Soot-ul-Haq” magazine, and with Mr Husain’s (editor) permission, I am posting it and InshahAllah will be uploading heaps more.

Click on the following links to read it:

Istikhara 1/2


Istikhara 2/2


This is an amazing and a must read URDU book…

Aateesh-e-Intiqaam (Blaze of Revenge)







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The common believe of many Muslims who blindly follow Hadits is that Quran was not in form of a book during Prophet Mohammad time but infact was collected and publish after 15 years of his death by Hazrat Osman and Omar. It is NOT true, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had the Quran written and formed as we have it today and he also made other copies from his master version. The book I have uploaded is an awesome piece of work on History of Quran. You will also find out how “Imam Ahl-e-Sunnat Hazrat Mulana Abdul Shakoor Lakhnawi (a hardcore Ahle-Hadit)” changed his believe from Quran being collected and published by Hazrat Omar and Osman to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).


Click on the following links to read the whole book – It’s in Urdu.

Was Quran collected By Mohammad – Part 1

Was Quran collected By Mohammad – Part 2

Was Quran collected By Mohammad – Part 3

Was Quran collected By Mohammad – Part 4

Please let others know about this book – Thanks

Did Jesus have a father?

Is Jesus Alive?

Is he going to come back?

For answers, read the following book (urdu) … Must read!!

Jesus 1/5

Jesus 2/5

Jesus 3-a/5

Jesus 3-b/5

Jesus 4/5

Jesus 5/5