Hello All,

Welcome and thanks for reading my blog. My name is Syed, I am a Pakistani Born, Australian who is living and working in London. I am not a scholar nor an Alim-e-Deen. I am a newly "re-born" Muslim, who is learning everything from scratch, yes from beginning. I am trying to go deep inside Quranic teachings, learn them and "implement" them in my life and simply follow the book of Allah with out any "other" influences.

I never thought of writing because I never knew anything – infact I still don't, I am trying to learn. I followed blindly wa'ever my parents had been doing. My limited knowledge could only go as far as praying, paying 2.5% Zakat, and plan Hajj – that’s pretty much it. I never thought of things outside the box, never thought of reading Quran – not that I haven't read it, I can read and write Arabic as any other "good" Muslim could do but I never looked at it with an intention to understand and implement it. This is what I call my own personalised and easy version of Islam (which these days sadly is the common form of it).

I want to spread my findings (which may not be new to some of you), experiences and how I am going to implement laws of Allah in my and my family's life. I will also be posting articles from other sources and spreading the word of only true religion that is "Deen-e-Islam". I am assuming this effort will shake some minds, get people to think about their present believes, think again about their implementation of Islam – one can only hope.

One very important note: I don NOT belong to "any group" or "sect" (as you can see at the top of my blog, a verse from Quran [6:159]), nor I want to associate my self with anyone. There are hundreds and thousands of people like me, thinking and putting their efforts in Quran and I am just like one of them. his whole effort of setting up a blog is to spread the word within my own family/friends. Make them think, question and than come to their own conclusion. Anyone outside are more than welcome to read and make their own judgement. I have no intentions of making it a portal or religious website where people come and seek answers of their problems – because I just can't do it.If you have anything to say – please do, raise your voice, make points, help me learning and spreading it. You your self try to understand it, we have a long way to go…

May Allah help us all to read Quran and give us the strength of implanting it in our lives – Ameen.


3 Responses to “~ Me ~”

  1. thisbitch Says:

    Hi Shez,

    Iam quite impressed and fascinated with this blog and also with your way of thinking with regard to religion, Islam.

    I am happy to say I am a muslim myself. I live in malaysia but i’m from Maldives.

    my name is Shahla Ali. i have strong beliefs in religion myself and enforce myself to follow the religion as best as i can.

    if you dont mind i’d like to stay in contact with you.

    looking forward,


  2. Fahad Says:

    Salam Syed!

    You have got very interesting and thought provoking contents!

    I follow a similar approach towards understanding the Quran. Here is my blog : http://www.thequran.wordpress.com

    Your blog will surely be on my reading list 🙂

    May Allah reward you for your efforts.

  3. Nk Says:

    Hi Syed

    Interesting to read about you. Like you i am also a muslim but donot belong to any group/sect. Just a plain muslim searching Islam from its roots. For the past 4 years l have devoted countless hours…cross examining information sources and also studying the quran with an open mind. And behold…my eyes opened and my family disowned me. Does that bother me.NO..NO.l am much more content with my faith and can see great logical in the Quran.When my kids ask about prayer and other rituals taken from the pagan era…l am very clear with them concerning all aspects relating to their understanding of their religion or rather way of life.

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