Reality of “DAROOD SHAREEF” درود شر یف

March 8, 2007

Another great book on the reality of “Darood Shareef” درود شر یف

Must read it and please as I always said, let others know about it, download it and email it to as many people as you know …

Click here to read the book (pdf format):

Darood Shareef – Part 1 of 2

Darood Shareef – Part 2 of 2

Best regards


3 Responses to “Reality of “DAROOD SHAREEF” درود شر یف”

  1. sehrishsawar Says:

    this web site is very good for us muslims thank you
    but i have a problum about durood sharif plese tell me all the details n respect of durood sharif n te rite way of reading durood sharif for example can i read with out wazzo please tell me as soon as possible

  2. Hidden Man Says:

    This site and your blogs simply rocks.
    I request you to keep up the good work!

  3. Imran Sadiq Says:

    Great work,may Allah bless you.I am small student of Quran and i already know about reality of Durood.Allah said Quran as NOOR,and we do not need any light to see it.Quran is the divine book without any dought.

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