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I was reading this article the other day and found it very important and an eye opening for all of us. Please ignore the alignment of text (i’ve tried my best to scan it straight :-))

I’ll soon InshahAllah translate it in English for non-Urdu readers.

– Syed

Sangsar (in a pdf format)

Stoning to Death


[6:112] We have permitted the enemies of every prophet human and jinn devils to inspire in each other fancy words, in order to deceive. Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their fabrications.

Bukhari (and other collectors of Hadits) relied upon the self-invented art of “Transmission” for which he states that a “Hadith” may be accepted as authentic or rejected based on WHOM the Hadith is coming from. Bukhari made a study of the Prophet’s (PBUH) companions and established that they were all trustworthy. He then asked about people who came after them, and if the public “hearsay” was that this or that person was reputable, then Bukhari had no problem accepting a “Hadith” transmitted from that source. To get over the obstacle of “objectivity” and the fact that Hadith was based mainly on “hearsay”, Bukhari found a very convenient Hadith (which Islamic scholars still quote) that gives the companions of the prophet and all Hadith narrators super-human abilities which enabled them to memorise word for word the sayings of the prophet without loss or distortion. Although the above may not sound scientific or even objective to many, it is a factual method which was used to obtain the 2nd source of Islamic law.

Many opposing groups and other religions have made it a practice to embarrass Muslims by quoting “dubious” Hadith’s which compare a Woman to a Donkey (the Hadith on what stops Prayer) or that the Majority of Women will go to Hell! (Hadith about Isra & Mi’raj).

Many Muslims typically react to the above accusations by becoming angry and evasive, saying that these people want only to “Slander” the Prophet (PBUH). What these same Muslims fail to realise is that the “TRUTH” can withstand any amount of questioning and cross-examination.

Source: Unknown