One book (The Quran) only

September 30, 2006

Idol worship, or associating partners with Allah , is the only unforgivable sin that is mentioned in the Quran. Yet, it seems that for the majority of us, our minds cannot accept Allah Alone!.

[4:48] “Allah DOES NOT FORGIVE that partners be established with Him, but He forgives other than that to whom He wishes”

And the ultimate test can only be:

[39:45] “When The God (Allah) ALONE is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the hereafter shrink with aversion. But when idols are mentioned besides Him, they rejoice.”

Did talking about upholding the Quran Alone bother you?. Or does your heart really believe?

[39:18] “They are the ones who examine all words, then follow the best. These are the ones whom GOD (Allah) has guided; these are the ones who possess intelligence.”


First Ramadan was on 23rd Sept

September 27, 2006

Moon Phases 2006

Prepared by Anthony Cook, Griffith Observatory (US), Pacific Standard Time

(Corrected for Daylight Saving Time Apr. 2 – Oct. 29)

   New Moon          First Quarter        Full Moon           
                    Jan  6 10:56 a.m.   Jan 14  1:48 a.m.   
Jan 29  6:15 a.m.   Feb  4 10:29 p.m.   Feb 12  8:44 p.m.   
Feb 27  4:31 p.m.   Mar  6 12:16 p.m.   Mar 14  3:35 p.m.   
Mar 29  2:15 a.m.   Apr  5  5:01 a.m.   Apr 13  9:40 a.m.   
Apr 27 12:44 p.m.   May  4 10:13 p.m.   May 12 11:51 p.m.   
May 26 10:26 p.m.   Jun  3  4:06 p.m.   Jun 11 11:03 a.m.   
Jun 25  9:05 a.m.   Jul  3  9:37 a.m.   Jul 10  8:02 p.m.   
Jul 24  9:31 p.m.   Aug  2  1:46 a.m.   Aug  9  3:54 a.m.   
Aug 23 12:10 p.m.   Aug 31  3:56 p.m.   Sep  7 11:42 a.m.   
Sep 22  4:45 a.m.   Sep 30   4:04 a.m    Oct 6 8:13 p.m
Oct 21 10:14 p.m.   Oct 29  1:25 p.m.   Nov  5  4:58 a.m.   
Nov 20  2:18 p.m.   Nov 27 10:29 p.m.   Dec  4  4:25 p.m.   
Dec 20  6:01 a.m.   Dec 27  6:48 a.m.

New Moon sighting would have been on the following timing around the world:

London, UK : 12:45:30 PM 22/09/2006 – Fri

Karachi, Pakistan: 04:45:30 PM 22/09/2006 – Fri

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: 02:45:30 PM 22/09/2006 – Fri

Melbourne, Australia: 09:45:30 PM 22/09/2006 – Fri

Saudi’s also happen to announce first Ramadan on the 23rd September which is correct according to the Moon phases by the observatory.

Source: is dealing with this issue right now. You can come back to the blog later to see if images/files are back.


– Shez

This is what I believe in, that anything against Quran can not be said my Prophet Mohammad. The proof can also be found in the books of “Riwayyats”.


Dust is my bed

September 14, 2006

Death is undeniable and one has to leave everything behind, but it does not mean that you spend all you life only thinking about it. Allah also has another greater test for all of us is in this world (Dunya), that is to implement his laws – the Quran. No one seem to care about it 🙂 All our prayers are for hereafter, there is no attention or thought given to “what are we here for?

Hope you get my point, don’t bring your prayers mats out soon after watching this video, just think if you are doing what has been told by Allah….

You’ll need speakers or headphones, its a very good Nasheed…. I have seen it hundreds of times, absolutely amazing and powerful.



List of Muslim Nobel Prize winners (TOTAL: 7)

Nobel Prize in Chemistry (Total: 1)

  • Ahmed H. Zewail, 1999

Nobel Prize in Literature (Total: 1)

  • Naguib Mahfouz, 1988 (Naguib Mahfouz has written novels apparently questioning and skeptical of central tenets of Islam and has been condemned and attacked by Islamists for doing so)

Nobel Peace Prize (Total: 4)

  • Anwar El-Sadat, 1978
  • Yasser Arafat, 1994
  • Shirin Ebadi, 2003
  • Mohamed ElBaradei, 2005

Nobel Prize in Physics (Total: 1)

  • Abdus Salam, 1979 (He was an adherent of the Ahmadiyya sect)

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (Total: 0)

  • none so far (Ferid Murad was born to an Albanian Muslim father, but is himself Episcopalian)

Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics (Total: 0)

  • none so far

List of Jewish Nobel Prize winners (TOTAL: 177)

Nobel Prize in Physics (TOTAL: 45)

  • Alexei Alexeevich Abrikosov, Russia, for pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluids (Jewish mother)
  • Zhores Alferov, Russia, (Jewish mother)
  • Hans Bethe, US, (Jewish mother)
  • Felix Bloch, Swiss and US, for his development of new methods for nuclear magnetic precision measurements and discoveries in connection therewith
  • Niels Bohr, Denmark, for his quantum model of the atom (Jewish mother)
  • Max Born, Germany, UK and US, for his fundamental research in quantum mechanics, especially for his statistical interpretation of the wavefunction
  • Georges Charpak, France (Jewish father)
  • ……………

For the complete list of Jewish Nobel Prize winners, click on the following link:


Lets try to learn only 1% from Jews and we will be “heaps better” than what we Muslims are today !!!! WE SHOULD STOP BLAMING JEWS and must look at ourselves!!!