August 15, 2006

I found this little article in “Monthly Soot-ul-Haq” magazine, and with Mr Husain’s (editor) permission, I am posting it and InshahAllah will be uploading heaps more.

Click on the following links to read it:

Istikhara 1/2


Istikhara 2/2



2 Responses to “Istikhara”

  1. khalid vaseem ansari Says:

    ASAK Brother’s,\
    I would like you to help the community by translaing the artical “Istikhara”
    There ia very huge community of Islam Followers who use English language as a medim of communication.
    I request you to please help all this group by providing articals in english.

    Allah will certainly help those who help others in this world as well in hereafter.

    Allah Haafiz

    Khalid Ansari

  2. shez Says:

    AOA Brother Khalid,

    Sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier, we’ve had a long weekend here in London so went away on a little holiday.

    I’ll InshahAllah try to convert the article “Istikhara” ASAP and will inform you once its done.

    Take care

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