Why am I doing this?

August 4, 2006

After getting so many hits and comments on my site I thought of clarifying few very important points. Let me be very abrupt to say that the only reason of this “blog” is to share the knowledge and findings with my “close friends” and “family” (it was never a public site and it still isn’t). I never had or have any intentions of becoming an Alim or preaching what I believe in (to general public) nor I am responsible for anyone of you. You are all responsible of your own deeds.

[2:134] “They were a community who have passed on. Theirs is that which they earned, and yours is that which you earn. And you will not be answerable for what they used to do.”

[17:36] “And you shall not follow blindly any information of which you have no direct knowledge….”

[7:179] “Our Law has committed to Hell numerous people, rural and urban; they are living the life of hell. They have hearts that they use not to understand. They have eyes with which they see not, and ears with which they hear not. They are like cattle. Nay, they are even worse. Such are the people who have chosen to live through life in total darkness of ignorance.”

Whatever on this site is ONLY what I think is correct and NO ONE has to agree with it. As I said it before and repeating again that I DO NOT BELONG to any GROUP, SECT or follow any one person’s ideology (I certainly admire a few people who have done a great deal of research to find real Islam). I am a student of Quran, everyday I find something new and very important which clarifies all the previous questions that I always had in my mind, each day is a step forward. I believe that following a group or a person is shirk and the punishment is severe.

Most importantly, I believe in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the LAST PROPHET and there will be NO prophet or messenger (nabi or rasool) after him as he was the Khatum-ul-Nabeen. I follow Prophet’s sunnah which is also described in Quran (my next post will InshahAllah be on prophet’s sunnah according to Quran).

I was born in “sunni” family and grown up with the typical believes without knowing why I was doing certain things, but now I am re-entering in Islam with my own research and efforts. I am not anymore sunni, shiat or any-other sect – but only a Muslim.

Last point, please don’t leave stupid comments if you don’t like my views, this site wasn’t for general public anyways. On the other hand if you like what I am saying, than you are more than welcome to visit my blog and contact me. My message is simple as that “read and follow Quran”.


– Shez


One Response to “Why am I doing this?”

  1. Hidden Man Says:

    This site and your blogs simply rocks.
    I request you to keep up the good work!

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