Can we question?????

July 23, 2006

The common problem among most of us (Muslims) is that we simply DON’T KNOW what we are following? What is Islam all about and what are the answers to the most common questions that a person might ask. We do certain things because we saw our parents doing the same or they forced us to do it without any LOGICAL explanation. The following article is really an amazing one, please do read it and try to understand the dilemma of current Muslims condition, Why we are the most illiterate and most deprived people on the planet earth. Is it too late or can Muslims still be cured? – read the article and you’ll find the answer.



Article by Layth:

Human beings are born with the natural tendency to be inquisitive. Anyone who has children will know that no matter how many times you tell them “no”, they will still try to touch a hot pan or play with the dirt to understand WHY they should not. This is a GOD given mechanism that our Lord has bestowed on the human species to let us expand our knowledge and only accept what we understand and know. When Muslims were ruling an living by the Quran, there was no problem with this natural human tendency for curiosity since the Quran had an answer to every question…Muslims at that time witnessed an intellectual growth unparalleled in the history of Arabia or even the world at that time…

The tendency to question and inquire led Muslim children to grow-up in an atmosphere where NOTHING was off-limits and nothing was taboo. Their questioning simply developed an unlimited appetite for knowledge, which was only fed by discoveries and advancements in just about every field. Then, a few hundred years after the Quran had fueled an “intellectual” revolution in the Muslim minds…Something began to change…

The widespread introduction of “Hadith” and its popularity with the masses began to slowly create problems with the education of Muslims. Hadith was not even to be compared on the same plain as the Quran due to its inferior language and its basis on “hearsay” and “conjecture”. Propagators of Hadith were nearly always cornered by sincere Muslim students who wanted explanations for obvious contradictions and illogical contents.

We can only assume that the establishment of Hadith as a source of Islamic law was only achieved many centuries after its initial gathering by Bukhari and others ONLY by having it forced on the Muslim masses with a rejection for scrutiny or questioning. Muslim school children today are taught from a very early age not to question or over analyze their sources for religion as they might be incurring the wrath of GOD and walking the path of Hell. Student’s questions are typically answered with statements like: ‘Are you BETTER that the previous generations who fought with the Prophet?‘, or ‘Do you hate the Prophet that you QUESTION his Sunnah?‘. With such a barrage of accusations, young Muslim students learn for early on to simply accept what they are given without thought or questions…And when they are older, they simply repeat to the younger generation what was told to them about going to Hell and disrespecting the Prophet…The cycle goes on!…How sad !!! Now its about time to change it, please do not say anything to you kids until you really know the answer – infect, start learning Quran, this is the only way forward.


2 Responses to “Can we question?????”

  1. David Says:

    God asks us to question in order to determine right from wrong, or in the case of the Hadith’s truth from lies.

  2. David Says:

    “Now its about time to change it, please do not say anything to you kids until you really know the answer – infect, start learning Quran, this is the only way forward.”

    I agree with your comment there. It is a terrible thing to have your children follow the same lies you follow because you cant be bothered questioning to find out the REAL truth of Islam. I know MANY MANY Muslims who do the same and when I ask them why they don’t question basically their anwer revolves around it being to HARD to find out the real truth. In other words they are lazy and it is easier and more comfortable to just follow.

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