Why hadiths were not written with Quran??

July 1, 2006

Maulana Maudoodi writes that if Hadith had also been preserved as the Quran, then:

“The Quran would have at least become as big as Encyclopedia Britannica in volume.”(Tafheemaat. Vol 1,page 236)

Because its volume would have increased so God did not include this part of revelation in the Quran. If we accept this argument, that the volume would be huge, then why was this revelation not written in a separate volume. To this the answer is:

“In those times there was paucity of literacy, and almost little means to have it written.” (Tarjuman ul Quran, March 1954)

The was the answer of Maulana Maudoodi’s…. Even though it has been proven that Quran was written and compiled in front of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Dr. Hameed Ullah writes in one of his articles that was printed in the Karachi periodical ‘Al Islam,’ in its January 1-15, 1959 issue:

“The Messenger proved to be a man of modest and careful deeds. In the capacity of a Messenger of God, he had taken all possible and necessary steps to ensure that the message of God, not only was it delivered correctly to the people, but also that it was preserved. If he had adopted the same steps for his own deeds, he would have been taken for an egoist. That is why the Hadith story is different from the Quran.”

This is the story of that Hadith, which is being placed next to Quran and by renouncing it we become heretics, in the same way we become a heretic by not believing in the Quran.

Do those statements make any sense at all???? How can you call Hadits even near to Quran !!!!


One Response to “Why hadiths were not written with Quran??”

  1. saud Says:

    Assalamo aluikum
    I really agree with you brother that we are following previous scriptures and even there are man made {fake} hadiths which dosent agree with quran and offend prophet muhammads personality as well,and there are many other wrong concepts about islam .This type of information you can also get on the site http://www.ourbeacon.com.

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