Explination of Quran though Hadits – I

June 25, 2006

A few examples of the explanation of ayaat from Quran. After reading, you all can decide for yourself, whether we should attribute it to the Messenger Muhammad or not?


It is narrated in chapter Baq’ra in Quran:

[2:223] Your wives are similar to your fields. You can go to them as you go to your fields.

Again it is very obvious, the purpose of going to your wives is, when you want to sow your seed or want off springs. For this, just as a farmer sows seeds in the proper seasons, so you must also conjoin with your wives at proper time periods.

The explanation of this ayaat in Imam Bokhari’s Kitab ul Tafseer, is as follows:

Explanation: Nafi reports that while reading Quran, Abdullah Ibne OmarR never spoke with anybody. One day I approached him when he was reading Quran. When he reached the words in chapter Baq’ra in Quran, he asked me if I knew as to when this ayaat was revealed. I replied in the negative. He then explained the glory of its revelation and resumed his recitation of Quran again. Abdul Samad has said that we receive a tradition from Ibne OmarR that says this ayaat was revealed, because some men were copulating with women. JabarR narrates the Jews, who said; whosoever copulates with his wife from backside shall have cross-eyed progeny. It is in those days this ayaat was revealed, proving the Jews of being wrong. Meaning, women can be engaged in any way one wants, in matters of copulation.” (Sahih Bukhari: Kitab'ul Tafsir)

Explanation of This Hadith:

Allama Ainee has first copied the hadith from Bokhari in the following manner:
God’s order on the subject was explained to us by Isaae, who was told by Nadr Bin Shameel, who in turn was told by Aun to tell Nafay that, ‘until OmarR did not finish reading Quran he never spoke with anybody. One day I sat with him with a Quran, when he was reading chapter Baq’ra. He then asked me, if I knew at what period in time, this ayaat was revealed? When I replied in the negative, he then explained its context to me. The narrator then moves on and quotes Abdul Samad, that he was told by his father, who was told by Ayub (Sukhtiani), who was told by Nafay, who was told by Ibn OmarR that the explanation of is that you can copulate in…. with your wife. This has also been explained by Muhammad Bin Yahya Ibn Saeed, from his father, who got it from Obaidullah, who got it from Nafay, who got it from Ibn OmarR.

After all this Allama Ainee further writes:

In the original book of Bokhari, there is a blank space. Then he goes on to indicate that it means the private part of your wife, but this is not correct.This tradition is explained by Ibn Jareer, who is told by Abu Qulaba?, who has copied from Abdul Samad Bin Abdul Warris, who was told by his father, who uses the word (To copulate with your wife in Anus) in his explanation. (Umdah Tul Qari).


This was the elucidation given by Allama Ainee. Now let us read what Hafiz Ibn Hajr Asqalani, has to say about this tradition: “Ibnul Arabi has copied in Siraj ul Mureed, that Bokhari has copied this hadith in Tafseer and said after these words. A blank space has been left. This problem is very famous. Muhammad Bin Shaban has authored a complete book on this topic. And Muhammad Bin Shahnoon? Has proved it in his article, the hadith of Ibn OmarR is about copulating with woman in the Anus.

Mazri says, that priests are divided on this issue. Those who believe this tradition as being Halal. Have taken the above-mentioned ayaat for their support. Those who are against it say the concerned ayaat was revealed to defeat the statement of Jews. As has been quoted by Jabar.”


Muqaam-e-Hadith (The Actual Status of Hadith) by Allam Perveez


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