(MUST READ) History of Muhadaseen and discredited Ahadiths – PART I

June 16, 2006

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The most famous of all compilations that has come down to us is known as the 'Sahiheen,' these books are authored by Imam Bokhari and Imam Muslim. Imam Bukhari who died in hijra 256 had made a collection of 600,000 ahadith. After sifting through various ahadith he finally decided to retain 2,630 and produced them in book form under the title of 'Us'hal Kitab baaduz Kitab e Allah' (The most pure book after the book of Allah). This Hadith is now being pronounced as inseparable part of the Deen of Islam. Six different editions of Hadith are considered to be the most authentic by the Sunniites and are called 'Sahaa Sitaa.' The Shiites have their own collections that are different from Sunniites. Those six editions come under the following titles:

  • Sahih Bukhari
  • Sahih Muslim
  • Trimzi
  • Abu Dawood
  • Ibne Maja
  • Nisaayee

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) – Born in c. 571, Passed away in c. 632

IMAM BUKHARI: After 180 years of Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) demise Bukhari was born in Bukhari and died in hijra 260 in Samarkand (c. 810-870) . It is said that after wandering through different cities and villages he collected close to six hundred thousand hadiths and after sifting through he found 7,300 ahadith that he considered close to being authentic. Some have been repeated in various chapters. If we do not count the repetitions, the total figures we get are 2,630 or 2,762.

IMAM MUSLIM: Muslim bin Hajaj belonged to a city in Iran called Nishapur. He was born in hijra 204 and died in hijra 261 (c. 821-875).

TRIMZI: Imam Abu Isa Muhammad Trimzi was from the city called Trimz in Iran. He was born in hijra 209 and died in hijra 279.

ABU DAWOOD: He comes from Seestan in Iran. He was born in hijra 202 and died in hijra 275.

IBNE MAJA: Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Zaid ibne Maja came from northern Iran, a city that goes by the name of Kazdin. His year of birth is hijra 209 and he died in hijra 273.

IMAM NISAAYEE: Imam Abdur Rahman Nisaayee came from a city called Nisa in Iran's eastern province of Khorasan. He died in hijra 303.

Important Facts

After a brief introduction of these religious scholars one can easily infer that (a) they all came from Iran. (b) None of these scholars was from Arab descent. We also notice that none of the Arabs were prepared to do what these scholars have done. (c) All of them were born in the third century. (d) Whatever ahadith were collected, were all hearsay, (e) there were no written records of hadith before their collections.

From these thousands of ahadith that were gathered, they chose some and discarded others. The criterion of selection was their personal judgment. For these gospels, their authors had no decree of any kind from God (revealing to them as to which hadith to choose and which ones to discard). Nor we find they had the consent or approval of the Holy Messenger (proving that the selected ahadith were the true parables or sayings of the Messenger). Again, there were no previous records that they could have borrowed the material for their collections. All the sayings were just word of the mouth they gathered from various cities and villages. After giving their own judgment or approval these religious scholars selected some and discredited others on their own. Hence the denounement of Hadith. (After having assessed the long chase of the departed Messenger Muhammad PBUH, it appears as though Allah was no more an important Being in the life of Muslims. Which was quite contrary to what Muhammad was trying to teach.)

How can anyone vouch for these kinds of ahadith based on hearsay or prove, that in actuality these were the original words of the Messenger? Keeping in mind that, after two or two and a half centuries, not a single word could be guaranteed that it belonged to the Messenger, or has been conveyed from father to son or teacher to student by memorizing. These were garbled words of previous centuries.

(In as much as I would want to hear the exact words of the last of the Great Messengers; at the same time to accept a version that is not first hand, second hand or even third, forth or fifth hand, does not make any sense at all. On the contrary, we are defeating our very purpose for which the Ahadith were written i.e., to seek the Truth. And by accepting a clone, we are corroding our own system of thought.)

It would not be futile to know the number of ahadith that have been discredited.

Ahadith Compiler Found Ahadith Selected Ahadith
for the book
Imam Bukhari 600,000 2,762
(after repetitions)
Imam Muslim 300,000 4,348
Imam Trimzi 300,000 3,115
Imam Abu Dawood 500,000 4,800
Imam Ibn Maja 400,000 4,000
Imam Nisai 200,000 4,321



Muqaam-e-Hadith (The Actual Status of Hadith) by Allam Perveez


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